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What is jitter, when testing your internet speed?

Have you ever done an internet speed test and saw the measurement called Jitter? Have you ever wondered what it is and why it is also being measured? In this blog we will cover as much as possible to give you a basic understanding of what jitter is, how you can measure it, the acceptable […]

What is ping, when testing your internet speed?

When talking about testing your internet speed, there is this “ping” term that always enters the conversation. We know that it should not be too high and if it is too high you may experience some issues with your internet connection. In this blog we will explain what ping really is, what a good measurement […]

How to speed up video streaming

Streaming is viewing a video or audio online without actually downloading that video or audio. This method of viewing audio or video is very popular at the moment and most people enjoy those benefits on a daily basis. If you ever watched a YouTube video or a Netflix movie, you have already streamed before. People […]

How to convert YouTube to mp3

YouTube is the place to be when we are looking for our favorite videos. It is now one of the most popular sites ever since it was created in 2005. If you ever watched a video online, the chances are very high that it was a YouTube video. With YouTube, it’s possible to upload your […]

What country has the fastest Internet? (2021 update)

The internet is a network of computers connected to each other and communicating with each other. Ever since the internet was founded on January 1st in 1983 there has been continuous development to achieve higher speeds. It never felt like it was good enough, and we always wanted faster internet speed, Can you relate? In […]

Block Website On Your Computer, Phone, or Network

Block Any Website On Your Computer, Phone, or Network

You may wish to ban specific websites on your computer for a variety of reasons. Some websites may distribute malware, contain obscene content, or attempt to steal your personal information. While you may be perfectly capable of avoiding certain sites, this does not apply to everyone who uses your device. In such instances, blocking specific […]

Tips to speedup your computer or laptop today | Windows10

My Windows PC is running slowly, is a typical complaint. You can upgrade your RAM or get a faster SSD, but both of these options are costly. No, your first order of business should be to try to extract as much performance out of Windows as possible. We’ll teach you how to speed up your […]

Why does my anime keep buffering?

Why does my anime keep buffering? | How to fix

A lot of people love to watch anime, even me. But what we hate is when the anime starts buffering. This can be frustrating at times and can kill your whole mood. That’s why we prepared some tips for you so you can do something about it next time this happens to you. Also, at […]

How to increase internet speed on android mobiles

How to increase internet speed on android mobiles

Many people have problems with the speed of the internet on their android phone. Here are 7 tips to use, that will speed up the internet on your phone. Restart your phone A lot of problems can be solved with a fast restart than you may believe. If you’re lucky, it’ll also figure out how […]

Does upload speed matter when downloading?

Simply put…no, not really. Let’s go deeper by doing some research. First we need to know what download speed is and download speed. After that we can look at how they affect each other and if a higher upload speed will give you a faster download speed. Let’s start… What is upload speed? The uploading […]

10 tips to Speed up Your Internet today

10 tips to Speed up Your Internet today

Nothing is more aggravating than your internet operating at a glacial speed. Websites take a long time to load, and games and streaming services lag. Because Zoom meetings are becoming increasingly common, any considerable slowness in your internet makes working from home much more difficult. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with poor internet […]