How to stop GoGoanime from buffering

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GoGoanime is a popular anime website that gets a lot of traffic. With a lot of traffic comes a lot of problems. A problem a lot of people are talking about is that GoGoanime keeps buffering.

The amount of traffic that the site is generating per day could be the reason why but then again it shouldn’t have to be. It could easily be something else.

Let’s find out why does GoGoanime keep buffering and how we can solve this issue.

Why is gogoanime buffering so much?

There can be several reasons why Gogoanime keeps loading/keeps buffering. Here are a few possible explanations:

  1. Internet connection speed: Insufficient internet speed can lead to buffering issues. If your internet connection is slow or inconsistent, it may struggle to load the video content smoothly, resulting in buffering.
  2. Server load and bandwidth: Gogoanime’s servers may experience high traffic and heavy load, especially during peak usage hours. When many users are streaming videos simultaneously, it can strain the server’s bandwidth capacity and cause buffering.
  3. Device performance: The performance of the device you are using to access Gogoanime can impact buffering. Older devices or devices with limited processing power may struggle to handle high-quality video streams, leading to buffering problems.
  4. Network congestion: If your network is congested due to multiple devices using the same WiFi network or a high number of users in your area, it can affect the streaming quality and cause buffering.
  5. Ad blockers or VPNs: Some ad blockers or virtual private network (VPN) services can interfere with video streaming and cause buffering. Disabling these tools or trying a different browser can help identify if they are the cause.

How to fix gogoanime buffering issues:

1. Check the Server Status and Switch to another server

From time to time GogoAnime will try to improve its effectiveness and optimize the website user experience by updating the website.

While doing so, it’s possible that the site or some of the servers will automatically go into maintenance mode.

This may last for some time based on the changes they are making.

When this happens you can always switch to another server to play an anime episode.

You can switch to another server one by one until you find a valid server that is working since some of the GoGoanime servers may be broken or not have been fixed yet.

The different servers on Gogoanime
The different servers on Gogoanime

2. Download anime episodes to watch offline

If you have trouble playing an anime episode or it’s buffering all the time, which can be frustrating sometimes, you can always download the anime to watch it offline.

This way you avoid video stuttering, lagging, or glitches.

The software you can use for this is WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

Screenshot of homepage WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.
Screenshot of homepage WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Wonderfox is an all-around video grabber that can download and save videos online and further converts any video to be the best fit for your devices.

By using this method you can watch anime episodes offline stress-free.

3. Disable Ad Blockers on Your Browser

An ad blocker can probably be responsible for GoGoAnime buffering or not working properly if you have one installed.

One common Gogoanime error caused by an ad blocker is that Gogoanime won’t display episodes or will buffer after a while.

What you can do to stop the buffering is to pause the video for 30 seconds to a minute and hit play again.

By doing so, an ad should have popped up.

After that, the buffering should have stopped and you can continue watching the anime episode.

If you are still having problems, you can always turn off your adblockers on your browser to check whether the Gogoanime error remains or if it was something else.

Similarly, antivirus software may also be the root cause of the error.

Disable Ad Blockers on Your Browser
Adblocker extensions | Image source: Videoconverterfactory

3. Switch to another browser

Gogoanime has strictly blocked requests from unofficial apps and extensions.

So if you’re using a non-browser application to grab and watch anime from Gogoanime and encounter the likes of Gogoanime not loading or Gogoanime won’t play, switch to a normal web browser like Google ChromeFirefox, or Other Popular Browsers to continue your anime journey.

4. Clear the Cookies and Cache of Your Browser

Sometimes your browser cookies and cache gets overloaded.

When this happens, video streaming errors like slow loading, buffering, lagging or stuttering can happen.

Clearing your cookies and cache can be the solution to this problem.

It’s worth noting that after clearing cookies, it may trigger the Gogoanime Firewall ban when you refresh Gogoanime pages next time.

You’d better close Gogoanime webpage tabs before cleaning these files and restart your browser after the data deletion.

Clear Cookies and Cache of Your Browser setting
Clear Cookies and Cache of Your Browser setting

5. Restart Your Browser and Refresh the GoGoAnime Pages

Many Gogoanime users have mentioned the 502 Bad Gateway error.

To handle this error, a demonstrated easy approach is to refresh the pages.

If the error remains, you can additionally refer to approach method 7 in the following part, or simply wait for it to return ordinary as we do in approach 1.

6. Stream Anime with a Fast Internet Connection

Sometimes it’s just possible that you are trying to stream anime with too a low internet connection.

A solution to this problem is to switch to a lower-quality video.

Gogoanime supports streams varying from 480P to 1080P based on different servers. The higher the quality, the more bandwidth it requires.

When streaming an episode at superior quality, which requires more bandwidth, you’d better get yourself a faster internet connection to get rid of slow buffering or loading.

7. Try Other GoGoanime Mirrors

Note: these anime sites are pirate sites. So if you want to hide your IP address be sure to use a VPN.

Gogoanime is blocked by some ISPs in some countries. So, if you meet Gogoanime errors in this case, you can try another Gogoanime URL to see whether there is an available GogoAnime link in your region.

Here is a list of up-to-date official Gogoanime URLs:


8. Best Alternatives to GoGoanime 2023

The best Kissanime alternatives in 2023 are:

  • Anime-Planet
  • Chia-Anime
  • AnimeLab
  • Gogoanime
  • Crunchyroll
  • Anime Freak
  • 9Anime
  • AnimeFrenzy
  • A2zAnime
  • HorribleSubs
  • AniWatcher
  • Anime Land
  • Animesim
  • Anime Karma
  • Funimation
  • Tubi TV
  • Justdubs
  • Yahoo View
  • Viewerster
  • Crackle
  • AnimeBam
  • Ani.Me
  • Anilinkz
  • Animenova


Animeplanet website homepage
Animeplanet website homepage

This is an animation and cartoon streaming site where users can watch thousands of anime content online for free. All episodes available on Anime-Planet are legal and industry-supported through partnerships with other platforms like Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Viki. Access to Anime-Planet content varies from country to country. For instance. USA users have access to a catalog of over 50,000 episodes while other countries have different levels of access.


Chia Anime website homepage
Chia-Anime website homepage

This platform offers free anime streaming services to users in both English and Japanese languages. Most of the content on its platform is copyright-infringing and the site could be taken down at any time. It has a massive collection of anime series that consists of multiple genres, such as Adventure, Aliens, Ninja, Fantasy Horror, etc. Each genre also includes various options that are regularly updated with new stuff. Chia-Anime also supports downloading high-quality anime videos for free.


Animelab website homepage
Animelab website homepage

This is a free & legal Anime streaming service delivering the very best shows, movies, and simulcasts direct from Japan. The service is owned and operated by Madman Anime Group, and serves the Australian and New Zealand markets.


9Anime website homepage screenshot
9Anime website homepage screenshot

This offers various anime genres such as action, drama, kids, fantasy, horror, mystery, police, romance, school, comedy, adventure, music, game, and many more. Some of Gogoanime’s contents have English subtitles while others are dubbed in other languages.


Crunchroll website homepage
Crunchroll website homepage

Founded in 2006, Crunchyroll is one of the best alternatives to Kissanime with thousands of animation content to watch. It started as a for-profit video upload and streaming site that specialized in hosting East Asian video content. In its early operations, Crunchyroll allowed users to upload illegal copies of licensed titles; something that drew fierce criticisms from anime distributors and licensors.

Later, it started securing legal distribution agreements with other companies like Gonzo, to increase the number of titles. It also committed to remove all copyright-infringing material from its site and to host only content to which it had legitimate distribution rights.

Crunchyroll allows limited access to some content for free in exchange for targeting users with Ads and cranking down video quality to 480p. Nevertheless, it also offers a monthly premium package that allows users to access high-definition content.


Anime Freak website homepage
Anime Freak website homepage

This is one of the best KissAnime alternatives with a large database of anime and manga content categorized into different genres, including; romance, humor, horror, action, and more. The site has a friendly interface, making it easier for users to scroll through and find content that interests them.

One of the most exciting and enjoyable things about this platform is that it introduces the Manga title for those who want to read manga series without any limitations. Its contents are entirely free to stream and download.


Kissanime website homepage
Kissanime website homepage

This is a popular anime streaming website and is one of the perfect alternatives to 9Anime. Users can stream and download anime content for free. Kissanime’s straightforward interface makes it user-friendly while searching for anime TV series and movies. One of the best things about Kissanime is that users are not required to register to stream or access anime content.


Anime Frenzy website homepage
Anime Frenzy website homepage

This site also offers anime streaming services to users for free. However, the contents on this site can’t be downloaded as the feature is not available. Animefrenzy is constantly updated, allowing the users to access some of the latest content. Most of its streaming content has English subtitles and is also dubbed in other languages. Furthermore, the site does not limit access to its content as most of it is in high definition.

A2ZANIME (offline)

A2ZAnime website homepage
A2ZAnime website homepage

This is another KissAnime alternative site where users can stream all their favorite anime shows online for free. The Anime quality starts from 360p to 1080p and it’s up to the user to choose the quality that works for them. The site gives users features like voting and rating anime – so content creators or publishers can uplift viewers’ experience.

Its content is categorized in a variety of genres including adventure, action, fantasy, horror, comedy, historical, magic, drama, and many others. The site’s dark interface gives a user a night mode experience while streaming. Furthermore, the loading speed of the A2zAnime website is so impressive as it makes a swift response while browsing it.


Animewatcher website homepage
Animewatcher website homepage

This is one of the most common sites alternative to KissAnime. It is gaining more popularity among animation lovers due to its features that show both the ongoing and trending episodes.

Watching or streaming content on AniWatcher is completely free and users don’t need to fill in the annoying submission forms to get privileged access to anime content like some sites do. AniWatcher also has a huge library of anime catalogs providing a user with multiple options to watch.


Source: | Logo Anime Karma
Source: | Logo Anime Karma

Some of the most top-rated IMDB anime movies are found on this site. It offers content in different genres like actions, horrors, comedy, crime, and documentaries. The site’s easy-to-use interface makes it attractive for users who love animations and cartoon viewing. Anime Karma also lists top movies based on IMDb ratings.


AnimeDao website homepage
AnimeDao website homepage

This site offers diverse anime series with different categories of genres ranging from horror to comedy. The site has a friendly and beautiful interface which makes it easier to find suitable content for the users. There are combinations of anime with subtitles and dubbed versions.

Furthermore, the anime download feature is available and it is very easy to do it. The site also constantly updates content, thereby providing users with a variety of anime to stream.


Funimation website homepage
Funimation website homepage

This site has an amazing collection of Japanese anime catalogs and its business model plays by the rules to offer anime streaming services legally without any copyright infringements. It offers a free subbed version but users are required to purchase premium packages for the dubbed versions.

Sadly, Funimation streaming services can’t be accessed in some parts of the world. For those who live in geo-blocked countries, you might need VPNs to be able to access its contents and enjoy them.


Hulu website welcome page
Hulu website welcome page

If you’re tired of annoying anime websites with pop-up ads, Hulu is the best choice for you as its reputation for offering high-quality videos and a wide range selection of anime films and series is at its peak. Although Hulu is not available in some parts of the world, it can be accessed through the use of Virtual Private Networks.

However, for those living in the UK, USA, Europe, and some parts of Asia, you can easily access Hulu without needing a VPN. The site also offers downloading of content although in a limited capacity.


Why is gogoanime so slow?

There can be multiple reasons why Gogoanime may appear slow. Here are a few potential factors:
1. Internet connection speed
2. Server load and traffic
3. Geographical location
4. Device performance
5. Browser issues

Why does gogoanime keep changing from domain?

Gogoanime frequently changing its domain can be attributed to a few reasons:
Copyright and legal issues: Streaming websites like Gogoanime often face copyright infringement concerns due to hosting and distributing copyrighted content without proper licensing. To evade legal action or take-down notices, they may switch domains or use different variations of their domain name to maintain their service.
2. Domain blocking and restrictions: Some countries or internet service providers (ISPs) may block access to specific domains associated with streaming websites like Gogoanime. In response, Gogoanime may change its domain to bypass these restrictions and allow users to access their content.
3. Combatting piracy measures: To combat piracy and unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, copyright holders and anti-piracy organizations actively target and report streaming websites. Gogoanime may change domains to avoid detection and mitigate the risk of being shut down.
4. Domain expiration or seizure: Domain names need to be renewed periodically. If Gogoanime fails to renew its domain on time, it can expire, leading to the website becoming inaccessible. Additionally, legal authorities or copyright holders may seize domain names associated with infringing activities, forcing Gogoanime to switch to a new domain.
5. Technical and hosting issues: Gogoanime may encounter technical issues or face hosting problems with their current domain, prompting them to move to a different domain for improved stability, performance, or security.

It’s important to note that the frequent domain changes by Gogoanime and similar streaming websites can make it challenging for users to locate and access their content consistently. It is advisable to exercise caution when visiting such websites, as they may not always comply with copyright laws and can pose security risks. Using legal and authorized streaming services is recommended to ensure a safe and reliable viewing experience

Why does gogoanime keep loading?

If Gogoanime keeps loading or takes a long time to load, it could be due to several factors:
1. Slow internet connection
2. Server issues or high traffic
3. Browser issues or conflicts
4. Device performance
5. Ad blockers or VPNs

How to check if gogoanime is down?

To check if Gogoanime is down or experiencing server issues, you can follow these steps:
1. Direct visit: Open your preferred web browser and try accessing Gogoanime directly by typing the website’s URL: “” (or any other domain associated with Gogoanime). Press Enter and wait for the page to load.
2. Use a website monitoring service: There are various online services available that monitor the status of websites and provide real-time information about their availability. Examples include DownDetector ( and IsItDownRightNow ( Visit one of these websites and enter “” or “gogoanime” in the search or input field. These services will indicate if Gogoanime is down or experiencing any issues.
3. Check social media platforms: Social media platforms such as Twitter can be useful for checking if Gogoanime is down. Search for Gogoanime-related accounts or use hashtags like #Gogoanime to see if there are any reports or discussions about the website’s availability or downtime.
4. Visit community forums or discussion boards: Online forums and discussion boards dedicated to anime and streaming topics often have threads or posts where users share information about the availability of Gogoanime. Visit popular anime communities or forums and search for recent discussions about Gogoanime being down.
5. Try alternative streaming platforms: If you are unable to access Gogoanime and suspect it may be down, you can consider trying alternative streaming platforms for your anime viewing needs. Legal and authorized streaming services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Netflix offer a wide range of anime content.

Remember that the availability of Gogoanime can vary depending on your geographical location, internet service provider, and other factors. If you encounter difficulties accessing the website, it’s a good idea to ensure that your internet connection is stable and functioning properly.