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Why You Should Not Game on a Wi-Fi Connection

Reasons Why You Should Not Game on a Wi-Fi Connection
Reasons Why You Should Not Game on a Wi-Fi Connection

Gaming on a Wi-Fi connection is never a good idea, no matter how strongly you believe that it can benefit you. Playing on Wi-Fi means playing on Low-fi.

I would guess that 30% of total gaming traffic will be carried over a Wi-Fi connection, a figure that is all. Here are the reasons why you should never game on a Wi-Fi connection. Instead, use a wired internet connection.

Too Many Game Freezes

Gaming on Wi-Fi will rob you of precious bandwidth and probably lead to game freezes, which means you will have to lose time restarting and finding open spots on the Wi-Fi.

Plus, if somebody else is using your Wi-Fi, they will have to suck up the same space on your network that you have a right to have for yourself and their actions on the Wi-Fi will feed into your game.

If you’re home and have a wired internet connection, there is no need to be playing any games on a Wi-Fi connection.

Connection Dropouts

If you want to play games, you must have a reliable wired internet connection. It is mostly due to the benefits of a wired connection that modern gamers typically will save their game and play on a laptop with its dedicated wired connection.

While playing online, your network is connected using a Wi-Fi router. The power needs of your Wi-Fi device will interfere with the power of your Wi-Fi network, so you may experience instability.

Loss of Incentives and Rewards

Playing games on a Wi-Fi connection is something that many individuals do. But, when playing on Wi-Fi, you should be prepared for problems.

If a game Freezes, then you no longer have the incentive to play because you will not be able to take part in the game and are often left wondering why the game did not update.

If the Wi-Fi connection dropouts, then the outcome of the game might not happen.


Gaming, particularly online, should always be done on a wired internet connection. The problem is that not everyone has the time or energy to set up a cable.

Gaming helps people to relax and create positive emotions. A person may enjoy the positive emotions they get while they play a game, and they might feel better.

But guess what will happen when the game freezes too many times?

The gamer will get frustrated and have the urge to quit. If a gamer doesn’t have the drive to play for a couple of hours, then this might lead to not playing for the entire day.

So not only can gaming on Wi-fi lead to your game freezing all the time but it can also cause a lot of stress.

That is why it’s recommended to play on a wired internet connection instead of a Wi-Fi connection.

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