What is Native Advertising and How Does It Work?

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The Ads you cannot see…👨‍🦯

Native advertising is a form of sponsored content that matches the style and purpose of the platform where it is shown.

Advertisements in short ads a tools that marketers use to trick customers into buying products, services or an idea. The history of advertisements can be traced back to 4000 BC when Indians used rock and wall paintings to advertise.

As technology improved, so did advertisements and the automation of advertisements. Today advertisements are often annoying to see on every application or web page we visit today. People are now actively avoiding ads by using ad blockers. This increases the need to use native ads.

In today’s blog, we will talk about native advertising and give an idea about what it is, and where you can find it.

We will give you some examples of native ads and show you how to create native ads. We hope that you are excited and ready to dive into this subject.

What is Native Advertising

A sample of native advertising on Buzzfeed - speedtestgo
A sample of native advertising on Buzzfeed.

Native advertising is a form of sponsored content that matches the style and purpose of the platform where it is shown.

To illustrate this we will make use of a food blog.

Somebody is writing content of a food blog and therefore writes about certain products that are used to create that awesome food that he is writing about.

Marketeers that promote those products used in the blog could use native advertisements to slip in a piece of content in the form of a picture, video or article to promote that product and persuade the viewers of that blog to buy their products.

This piece of content that they use should have the same style of the website so viewers believe that it was meant to be there and this makes it also less annoying for the viewers of that blog.

Where do you find native ads?

You can find native ads anywhere on digital platforms, from your favorite website to any social media platform.

They mimic the look and feel of the website as if it was content that is intentionally placed there.

Some differences between the native ads and general ads or that general ads are most likely in the banner or sidebar of the website while native ads are in between the content of the website. 

Native ads are often not annoying to the website viewers and do not block content or keep bothering the viewer into taking action.

They are getting harder to spot so the user experience is kept to a maximum and companies love advertising using native ads because of the conversion that they bring.

Examples of What is Native advertising is

Example of a native ad on the Entrepreneur website.
Example of a native ad on the Entrepreneur website.

The quickest way to find an native apps is bij scrolling on your social media platform and looking at the in-feed ads that appear.

These are the most common native ads you will find on the internet.

They appear like just another post on your social media feed and the fact that it’s paid promotion completes all characteristics a post needs to have in order to be a native ad.

You can find another form of native advertisements in Instagram and Nickelodeon and SnapChat Filters. These are interactive and entertaining, Another great way to interact with potential customers while advertising your product, service or idea.

Instead of chasing away those viewers, you attract them by entertaining them with high quality content and have them engage in your content.

You may come across native ads on news websites like The New York Times & Allbirds. Because of the sponsorship between Allbirds and The New York Times, when you click on a news ad, it brings you to a page where you can read about that news item that is integrated with birds and sound effects.

All of this is done in-feed and doesn’t spam or bother the user at all.

How do I create a native ad?

There are several ways to create native advertisements.

The most common way to create native advertisements is by using the google ad manager platform.

Below we will highlight the steps in order to create a native ad.

  1. First you need to log into the google ad manager platform using your google email.
  2. Then click on delivery and choose “native”.
  3. Now create a new native ad and choose “single ad”.
  4. Now you are ready to customize your newly created native ad. You can make use of the guided design editor to quickly create your ad, edit the style and customize the CSS. You cannot edit the html that is created for you.
  5. If you are more experienced in web design and have knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can choose to create your advertisement manually. This offers you full control of the HTML and CSS code that generates the ad. You can also create custom variables you may need for your ad content.

Congrats, you created a native ad 🙂

Why should I use native ads?

In a world where advertising is found everywhere you can imagine, we have seen that people are now running away from advertisements.

Do you identify yourself in that position where you really want to watch that video but have to wait several seconds before an ad is done and how fast do you smash that skip button when that is available?

This form of advertisement is proven not to be as effective as native ads because they don’t match the topic and style of the content that you are trying to enjoy, therefore it’s less likely that you would want to watch such an ad and find it even annoying that it appears on the screen.

By using native ads, you invite the user in a very user friendly manner to watch your advertisement.

It’s also very likely that the user will want to watch that ad because it matches the topic that the user chooses to watch and because it is so hard to spot, the user thinks of it as part of the content that they choose and does not feel bothered bij that advertisement.


We can conclude that advertisements have been here for a very long time and are used by marketers to sell their products, services or ideas.

Native advertising is a form of advertising that is very user friendly because it matches the style and topic of the content that you are viewing.

Because of this native advertising is better than traditional ads and it increases leads for companies.

We have also given some examples of native advertisements and where you can find them.

We also learned how to create these advertisements and gave you the reasons why you may want to choose native advertising over traditional advertising and hope that with this blog you have learned enough about native ads and hope you can use it to your advantage.


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