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PFP meaning in WhatsApp

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Whatsapp is another social media platform mostly used for texting. Over the years it has been developed and now it’s possible to voice call and video call. We have so many contacts and remembering names and numbers is not such an easy task.

Doesn’t it help when someone has a profile picture so you can easily recognize who that is? This is called a Whatsapp Profile Picture and the meaning of PFP in Whatsapp.

In short: PFP Meaning in WhatsApp is the profile picture option that WhatsApp has. With this option, it’s easier to recognize people.

Another great feature that WhatsApp has is when you have an incoming voice call you can see the profile picture of the person that is calling. Now it’s easier to know who is calling without having to know or recognize a number.

Another great feature that WhatsApp provides its privacy settings. You can control who can see your profile picture by choosing to make it public so everyone can see it.

Another privacy setting is that only people that you have saved in your contacts can see your profile picture. Last but not least is that no one can see your profile picture.

Which of these settings would you prefer?

What is PFP in the Urban Dictionary?

What is PFP in the Urban Dictionary? - SpeedtestGo
PFP Urban Dictionary explained. Picture by: capitalizemytitle.com

In the urban dictionary, PFP stands for a picture for proof. This originated from the small lies when people say that they are doing stuff and the person on the receiving end wants that proof in a picture.

Let’s look at an example of when this can be used.

If there is a couple where the girlfriend doesn’t trust her boyfriend. He told her that he is with some friends at Mcdonald’s, but for some reason, she doesn’t believe him. She can then ask for a picture for proof that he is indeed at Mcdonald’s with his friends. 

In this context, we see that we are not talking about a profile picture but an actual picture that proves one is doing what he/she says they are doing.

Examples of Using PFP (profile pic)

Examples of PFP meaning “profile pic.”

  • Sandy wants to see PFP.
  • Your PFP looks awesome!
  • Upload a PFP for me.
  • Where is your PFP?

Examples of Using PFP (picture for proof)

Examples of PFP meaning “picture for proof” normally occur in dialogue.

  • Gary: I rolled snake eyes!
  • Hank: No way! You didn’t! I need a PFP…
  • Josh: He ate the whole chicken himself!
  • Bob: The whole chicken? Send me a PFP.
  • Janet: He was going to send a PFP.
  • Amy: I didn’t see any PFP!
  • John: There is no clear soda on the menu.
  • Maggie: Maybe you don’t know what it is called. Send a PFP.

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