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How to increase internet speed on android mobiles

How to increase internet speed on android mobiles
How to increase internet speed on android mobiles

Many people have problems with the speed of the internet on their android phones. Here are 7 tips to use, that will speed up the internet on your phone.

Restart your phone

A lot of problems can be solved with a fast restart than you may believe. If you’re lucky, it’ll also figure out how to make 5G on Android run quicker. Give it a go before going any further.

Remove or disable apps and widgets that you don’t use

Most programs and widgets are harmless, but some of them consume a lot of data while running in the background.

Facebook is a perfect example.

The first step is to delete any widgets that you don’t use from your home screens. These are generally the worst offenders, and they’re simple to get rid of. Simply press and hold the widget and drag it to the top of the screen to remove it.

The app will not be deleted from your phone, but the widget will be removed from the home screen and become inactive.

To completely remove a program, go to the Applications Menu. From here, the method varies depending on the device. You can sometimes just press and hold, but most of the time you’ll need to find the menu button and select Edit or Delete Apps.

Some programs can’t be uninstalled. The manufacturer, Google, or your carrier install these applications on your phone.

Clear the cache of your browser

Cache memory is used by Android smartphones to store information such as login credentials, location, and so on. However, some mobile applications keep various types of unneeded data, which takes up valuable storage space. The cached data may be cleared on any Android device. By emptying your cache on a regular basis, you may increase the efficiency of your phone and, as a result, the browsing speed.

Download a performance boosting app to speed up your phone

Apps that clear out junk or duplicate files can assist in keeping phones in good operating order. There are a plethora of performance boosters available. Here are three examples:

  • Clean Master: is a phone booster and antivirus in one. It cleans unwanted files, alerts, and malware while also providing battery and phone boost.
  • Systweak Android Cleaner: Cleans and organizes your phone while also lowering battery consumption.
  • DU Speed Booster: removes any background app activity from your phone’s RAM and frees it up. It can also scan your phone for garbage and erase it with a simple click.

Use an ad blocker

Ads are well-known for consuming a large percentage of your surfing data. Some may take a short time to download, while others may not only take a lengthy time but also prevent critical data from being downloaded at the same time. When this happens, it slows down the processing power of your Android phone as well as the speed of the Internet.

Using an ad-blocker (which may be found in the browser settings) is a good choice. Some browsers have it as an add-on, but if yours doesn’t, you can always search the Play Store for one. This will keep the web pages ad-free and boost the speed of the Internet.

Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data

If you don’t have access to a high-speed network, find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot. This may result in a quicker internet connection. If you’re still having trouble with sluggish Wi-Fi due to a large number of others using it at the same time, here are some more ideas for making the most of public Wi-Fi.

  • Try moving around the room
    This *might* work, believe it or not. Signals might be blocked by a landline phone or even your microwave. Change out of your sofa and into a chair on the opposite side of the room. It’s not a sure thing, but there’s no harm in giving it a go.

  • Work offline
    Write your message in Word or Notepad, then copy the content when the e-mail page loads. To save time, work offline.

  • Turn off background apps

  • Use the lighter/mobile version of websites
    If all you want to do is check in on Facebook and share that beach pic, switch to Facebook Lite, which consumes less data and works in all network situations. Also, even if you’re using a laptop, choose for the mobile versions. When using sluggish Wi-Fi, for example, use mobile.twitter.com instead of twitter.com for speedier surfing.

Choose browser that is fast & lighter

While there are several programs that you may use to access the Internet, the web browser is the most popular. It’s critical to pick the correct browser if you want to get the most out of your Internet experience. There are dozens of web browsers designed exclusively for the Android platform. They can deliver a better browsing experience because to their numerous features.

However, only those that provide frequent performance enhancements, which may help you browse quicker, should be chosen.

These are the tips to increase internet speed on android mobiles.

Conclusion: Phones aren’t always at their most efficient. You have to step in and provide a hand every now and again. Use the tips mentioned above and im sure you will have increased the internet speed on your andriod mobile.

Note: Just to make sure you have a good internet speed do a speedtest.

Do a speed test to know your Download speed, Upload speed, Jitter & Ping.

Understand how to read speed results, what upload & download speed is, etc.

Good Download & Upload speeds are essential. Learn what these are.

The different types of internet connections and what is best for you and your home.

Try these techniques to improve your internet speed.

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