Internet Speedtest Suriname

Download & Upload speedtester for Suriname. Test also your Ping & Jitter.

What is Download Speed?

Speedtest Suriname lets you test your Download speed  which is the speed data goes from the internet to your device is known as download speed. A faster download speed allows you to stream, download files, and access websites more quickly.

What is Upload Speed?

Speedtest Suriname lets you test your Upload speed which is the speed data travels from your device to the internet is referred to as upload speeds. Uploading files or images to social media or other websites can take less time if you have a faster upload speed.

What is Ping?

Speedtest Suriname lets your test your Ping, also known as latency. This is a particular metric that has an effect on online gaming and a few other activities. The time it takes for your network to transfer data from your computer to a remote server and back is known as ping.

What is jitter?

Speedtest Suriname lets you test your Jitter that occurs when data packets are sent over your network connection with a time delay. Congestion on the network, as well as path improvements, are common causes.

Everything about Internet in Suriname

Suriname is a small country at the tip of South America, right above Brazil. It is well known for its rainforest.

Over 90% of Suriname is covered by a tropical rainforest making Suriname the earth’s lungs. But is this country also famous for good internet and remarkable internet speeds?

Suriname internet speed, 2022 update

Fixed Broadband Internet speed in Suriname is considered very low in this region while Mobile Internet is doing a lot better.

Because the difference is so far apart we will talk about these 2 separately.

Broadband Internet in Suriname 

Suriname is ranked at position 139 in the world when it comes to broadband internet.

The average download speed that is achieved using a broadband internet connection is 11 MBPS while the average upload speed is 3 MBPS.

The average ping in Suriname is 19ms. This is much better than what it used to be but it still doesn’t feel like it is good enough.

Mobile Internet in Suriname

Mobile Internet reaches higher download and upload speeds compared to Broadband internet.

It is ranked at position 54 in the world.

Reaching an average of 33 MBPS download, 16 MBPS upload speeds and an average latency of 19ms we can see that it is much better compared to broadband internet.

Even though these figures look great, they are not consistent throughout the whole country and that makes it a challenge for people to notice these speeds.


Internet History of Suriname

In 1994 the fiber optic cable was officially introduced in Suriname.

This made it possible for Suriname to connect their people to the internet and the fiber optic cable project started.

The Internet was available in Suriname through Telesur from November 1995; subscribers could choose either full access or email only.

Internet access is common and widely available in major cities, but less common in remote areas of the interior with limited bandwidth and often no access to electricity.

By 2012, Suriname had connected around 195000 users to the internet ranking 154th in the world. Approximately 35% of the population was connected to the internet.


Internet Service Providers in Suriname

In Suriname there are different providers but today we will talk about the three biggest Internet Service Providers.


The first and biggest internet Service Provider in Suriname is Telesur.

They have been around since 1880 as a phone service provider and have extended their services since then.

Their vision is to be the trusted digital communication partner and to provide their stakeholders with the best possible experience to facilitate their growth, while taking care of our environment.

In 1994 they introduced the fiber optic cable network in Suriname and started a fiber optic cable project in Suriname.

This made it possible to upgrade the internet speeds and enable more households to have access to the internet. 


As a Digital Operator, and with a promise of simply more, Digicel’s got something for everyone all day, every day.

Sports, music, TV, news, local radio, podcasts, messaging, marketplaces, cloud storage, self-care and more.

This is Better Together


RPBG, a Surinamese company that uses the creativity of the Surinamese people to work in balance with its environment on the optimal use of technological possibilities, in order to provide a variety of products and services for continuous growth of the company and creation of well-being for its employees.

They have existed for 25 years providing a lot of different IT solutions.

9 years ago they extended their services to provide wireless internet services.


Internet Service provider Prices in Suriname

Mobile Internet prices in suriname

We would like to give you an overview of the costs for the internet and comparing these previously named internet service providers.


Telesur provides different packages for mobile internet. 

For a package of 150 MB and that lasts for 12 hours you will pay USD 0.75. This package is very useful for when you will be out for a while where there is no wifi connection.

Data Period Price
150 MB 12 Hours USD 0.75
1,536 MB 1 Day USD 1.44
3,072 MB 3 Days USD 2.84
7,680 MB 7 Days USD 7.26
23,040 MB 30 Days USD 21.81


Data Period Price
6.8 GB 1 Day USD 1.44
22.5 GB 3 Days USD 2.88
45.5 GB 7 Days USD 8.19
188 GB 30 Days USD 20.88


Unfortunately Parbonet doesn’t provide mobile internet.


Broadband Internet prices in Suriname


Speed (Download/Upload) Price
5/1 USD 11.53
10/3 USD 21.63
20/3 USD 32.93


Name Speed (Download/Upload) Price
Connect 5 5/3 USD 25
Connect 10 10/3 USD 28
Connect 15 15/3 USD 30


Speed (Download/Upload) Price
5/2 USD 17.67
7/2 USD 19.77
10/2 USD 30.70
15/2 USD 32.56
20/2 USD 39.21

Telesur and Parbonet offer the service on a contract basis that becomes cheaper than the prices we have in this blog. Digicel only offers these services based on a contract of 2 years.